Leonhard Kurz presents its latest stamping foil developments
at Drupa

Allrounders and specialists for any case

Fürth/Germany, 17 May 2016: Optimized foil grades to successfully carry out a wide variety of stamping jobs - this is what Kurz promises with its latest hot stamping product range which it will present at Drupa 2016. The company has developed a so-called M-series to make hot stamping even less complicated for processors and to simplify stock keeping. The Luxor/Alufin MTS stamping foil was developed for this purpose, and is a versatile and easy-to-process foil with exceptionally consistent processability and proven success in the market. Examples of the exceptional scope of application of this general-purpose line of hot stamping foils will be presented at Drupa. In addition, several stamping foil grades for special requirements have been developed that ensure optimum results even for difficult and unusual stamping jobs.

New specialist for UV-coated surfaces

The new Luxor/Alufin MTU hot stamping foil was specially developed for use with UV inks and coatings. The foil adheres very well to a variety of coated surfaces, and is suitable for UV-curing printing inks and lacquers as well as hydrous dispersion and calendered coatings. This uncomplicated foil requires minimal setup time, is temperature stable, scratch and abrasion resistant, and suitable for all kinds of stamped designs. Being a versatile foil grade, Luxor/Alufin MTU is well suited for stamping UV-treated substrates.

Two masters of covering power

For a perfect combination of covering power, processing speed and high edge definition stamping, Kurz recommends its Luxor/Alufin MTH hot stamping foil. It is uncomplicated to process and delivers a high stamping quality on coarse label materials. Large-area and fine designs can be combined.
Kurz describes its Luxor/Alufin MTC stamping foil as a "covering power champion". It can be processed at very high speeds and is ideally suited for greeting cards with large-area designs or artistic reliefs. Luxor/Alufin MTC also adheres perfectly to the very coarse speciality papers that are often favored for wine labels in the English-speaking world.

Overprinting made easy

With its further-developed Luxor/Alufin Gio hot stamping foil, Kurz promises out-standing overprintability with UV-curing systems. This further improved special-purpose foil can be overprinted and overlacquered with perfect results using almost any UV system on the market. Both the release behavior and substrate ad-hesion of the foil have been optimized to enable even more trouble-free processing, both in a vertical stamping or roll-on stamping process.
Visitors to Drupa can learn more about these new foil grades at the Kurz booth D60 in hall 3.
Kurz will also be represented in hall 3, booth E74, at the Drupa Innovation Park in hall 7.0, booth E10, at the Touchpoint Packaging in hall 12, booth B53 and at PrintCity in hall 12, booth C51.